While 435 Digital focuses on social media for profit, one company uncovers a way to potentially derail their reputation through social media.

In a precedent setting case, it was determined that American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc. illegally fired an employee after she posted negative remarks about them on Facebook and engaged coworkers in a conversation.

The National Labor Relations Board has determined that communication on social networking sites is protected by free speech, and they have filed a complaint against the employer.

“It’s the same as talking at the water cooler. The point is that employees have protection under the law to talk to each other about conditions at work,” NLB’s acting general counsel Lafe Solomon told The Washington Post.

The takeaway? Businesses beware! Let this be your cautionary tale.

The negative publicity and attention American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc. has brought on themselves with this case is something all companies should be careful to avoid moving forward in the world of social media.

Looks like a job for 435 Digital. Reputation management STAT!