This morning, word spread quickly that The Gap was giving away 10,000 pairs of jeans to customers who checked in at the store using Facebook Places. It was one of the first Facebook Deals to go live, according to CNN.

Ever the fashionable geeks, we rushed out the door to see what Facebook Deals was all about. And oh yes, pick up our free jeans from the Gap.

Unfortunately, as our short video clip shows, we were just seconds too late.

Gap’s Facebook move was a smart one and proves once again that Gap is a leader in the social media space. In August, Gap partnered with Chicago-based Groupon to give customers a deal for $25 off a purchase of $50. It was the first nationwide Groupon deal, ultimately bringing in $11 million in revenue, according to Tech Crunch.

And, as we wrote about in October and again this week, Gap turned to its fans and followers to fix its logo’s botched redesign.

For small and medium-sized businesses, Facebook Deals could be huge. The key word, though, is “could.” Because while Facebook has more than 200,000,000 mobile users, for now only iPhone and Android users can access Facebook Deals.

Should Facebook Deals roll out to all smart phones, it will be a game-changer for businesses who want to get people in their stores and, most importantly, to tell their own friends to meet them there.

Tracy Samantha Schmidt