As part of our Social Media A to Z series, today’s topic is appropriately short and to the point. B is for

Twitter has made it super easy to share links, photos and other content with your friends on Internet. However since Twitter restricts you to 140 characters you have to make the most out of your post.

You’ve probably seen something like this before.

While the URL is interesting it takes up 81 characters. It also screams “NOOOOOOOB!” to all your followers.

What,, TinyUrl do is shorten the URL to make it more space friendly on Twitter.

All you have to do is copy and paste your link on the shortener field

And it will convert your long as nails link into …

… A tight bottle of link juice.

What’s also cool is that in particular also has a decent analytics system tracking shares, clicks and comments on the link.

The next time you share a link on Twitter, be sure to use a URL shortener.
So you can save room for your funny micro-commentary.

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