Happy Halloween from the 435 Digital team. To get everyone in the festive spirit, here are 10 spooky social media Halloween costumes!

10. Facebook-The Facebook page costume has been a hit for the past few years among the social media elite. It is cost effective, and you don’t have to worry about people forgetting your name, birthday or relationship status.

What you’ll need: poster board, tape and print outs of your Facebook profile

9.  QR Code- For those who are too lazy to dress up, just iron on a QR Code to a white T-shirt. Entice people to scan the QR Code by writing on the T-shirt, “Scan me to find out my costume.” The possibilities are endless and it’s a lot less of a hassle to buying all the parts that go into making a pirate or vampire costume.

What you’ll need: QR code, white T-shirt and smartphone

8. Old Spice Guy- The Old Spice viral video campaign is one of the most popular videos on YouTube and sure to be a hit with the ladies. This costumes may take a few months to prepare for to get the authentic six pack abs!

What you’ll need: towel, bottle of Old Spice body wash, six pack abs and low baritone voice

7. Twitter Bird- Celebrity Lauren Conrad posted pictures on her Twitter that she will be dressing up as everyone’s favorite social media mascot. If you are feeling creative, carry around a white board and update your status.

What you need: blue feathers, yellow beak and lots of followers

6. The Colonel Tribune- One of Chicagoland’s most popular Twitter personalities, the Colonel Tribune is probably the only Halloween costume where you get to wear a suit and a paper hat!

What you’ll need: mustache, paper hat and suite and tie

5. Facebook Like Button- An updated version of the Facebook profile costume, the “Like” button is also easy and affordable. As a caveat, this costume is not for the indecisive, dressing up as the Facebook “Like” button means you are committed to liking everything for the night.

What you’ll need: poster board, blue and white paint, suspenders to attach the “Like” Button

4. Mayor of Foursquare- An easy way to cut the line at the bar or nightclub of where you are celebrating, the Mayor of Foursquare shows your dedication to your favorite spot on the town.

What you’ll need: crown, smartphone and map of your favorite spot ironed-on  on a T-shirt

3. Twitter Fail Whale- The most popular whale since Moby Dick,  the “Fail Whale” is the Twitter icon shown when the site is down. Dressing up as the “Fail Whale” is a great way to get out your social media frustrations.

What you’ll need: whale suit and a sign that says #Fail

2. Antoine Dodson- Antoine Dodson has become an internet session after a YouTube video was posted of him being interviewed by a news reporter after a home invasion. Dodson even has a hit song on iTunes called, “Bed Intruder.” It is probably a good idea to learn the words since people will probably ask you to sing the song when Trick or Treating.

What you’ll need: black tank top, red bandanna and dread locks

1. Mark Zuckerberg- You not only get to dress up as the king of social media, you also will be wearing the most comfortable costume possible. Thanks to the movie The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg brought a whole new meaning to business casual. While you probably can’t get away with wearing it to work, you can dress up as Zuckerberg for Halloween. Just make sure your acquaintances don’t steal your costume idea!

What you’ll need: Gap sweatshirt, flannel pajama pants and slippers