Often the most confusing thing about Twitter are the hashtags. Twitter created hashtags as an alternative to group tweets or a way to add extra data. Hashtags are the easiest way to find trending topics or search for a particular subject on Twitter. Anyone doing a search of a hashtag you use will be able to find your tweet, which makes it all the more important to utilize  hashtags for your business Twitter page.

The key is using the right hashtags at the right time. To find out what hashtags are trending and in what geographical location use tweetgrid.com. It is important to establish your business Twitter account as a reputable and informational source, so while #mygrandma and #gtfo  are trending topics, it may not be a good idea to use them, especially if you don’t know what they mean. To find out why a particular hashtag is trending, use whatthetrend.com.

Some hashtags are not just trending because of pop culture references but have been embedded into the Twitter way of life. Commonly used hashtags  include: #musicmonday, #charitytuesday, #ff or #followfriday, #fail, #todo, #fb and #twt or #twitter. Recommend other people to follow on Twitters using #ff or #followfriday, inform your followers with what your business is doing with the #todo hashtag and reach out to your Facebook fans with the hashtag #fb. Using these hashtags are safe bets to actively engage with your followers and bring consistency to your tweets.

Using hashtags for your business is a powerful way for extending your Twitter clout and reaching more people.  Just make sure you are using them the right way that makes most sense to your brand. #Goodluck!—DANNI WYSOKI