Due to the overwhelming response to the Top 10 Social Media Presences in Chicago, we have decided to expand the list and name our Top 5 Chicago Twitter Mascots. To keep it fair, duplicates were ineligible from the list. Congratulations to everyone and follow @435Digital on Twitter for all your social media news!

5. @msikate
Our only human to make the list, Kate is the mascot of the Museum of Science and Industry as she was chosen to live inside the museum for 30 days. @msikate won a nationwide contest and is sharing her experience with the world by tweeting and blogging about all of her adventures.
Twitter: @msikate

4. @Southpaw
If you’re a diehard Chicago White Sox fan but are too old to have the team’s mascot at your birthday party, following @Southpaw on Twitter is the perfect solution. @Southpaw has almost 4,000 followers on Twitter and tweets daily about his beloved team and upcoming events. @Southpaw can be seen tweeting other Chicago sports teams mascots like @BHawkTommyHawk.
Twitter: @SouthPaw

3. @BaoMouth
Wow Bao brought steamed buns to Chicago and is now bringing them to the social media world. @Baomouth is the Twitter mascot for Wow Bao and has almost 2,000 followers. @BaoMouth  searches Twitter to find fans of Wow Bao to follow him on Twitter. Follow him, and you might get a Happy Birthday tweet!
Twitter: @BaoMouth

2. @Groupon_Says
Traditionally Americans have favored dogs more than cats, but it’s hard not to love the Groupon Cat.  The Chicago based company is the fastest growing business in web history and has a mascot with sass to promote the brand. The Groupon Cat tweets “Deals of the Day,” educational facts from “Groupon says…” and stands up to dog supremacy by telling her followers to retweet cat power or vote in cat polls.
Twitter: @Groupon_Says

1. @SueTHEtrex
Sue has been in Chicago for more than ten years and is using Twitter to get to know Chicagoans on a more personal level. @SueTheTrex tweets inside details about the Field Museum, her life and city happenings. On her Twitter page, @SueTheTrex describes herself as a Leo, meat-eating apex predator; no wonder more than 2,000 people follow Sue on Twitter!—DANNI WYSOKI
Twitter: @SueTHEtrex