Would you ever think that a trip home from the dentist on camera would make you a viral video celebrity? This is definite proof that the viral spark can emerge at any point in time, so be ready.

I am sure you all have seen the viral video, “David After Dentist.” But, if you haven’t stop reading right now and search it on YouTube. See what I just did there? I shared the experience with you. Millions of others have been doing the same thing and now there are T-shirts and scrubs for dentists being made in honor of David.

Check out this segment by “The Young Turks,” the largest online news show in the world, covering news, politics, pop culture and lifestyle. Here, they talk about the video posted by the DeVore Family and how the licensing deals and partnerships with YouTube will inspire others to utilize the viral video and partake in the entertainment of sharing the experience.—HANA YI