Unlike traditional forms of advertising, social media is designed around interaction. Creating your actual Facebook page is easy—especially with 435’s help! It is building an online community that gets complicated.

JD Rucker is a car blogger who has almost 100,000 followers on Twitter.

When asked about his social media strategy, Rucker said, “I see car dealers on Twitter every day. Many of them contact me and ask, ‘How did you get 37,000 people to follow you? I only have 14 followers and half of them are employees.’ Getting noticed on social networks takes activity and creativity.”

Activity is key to building trust with potential customers, especially when it comes to such an important purchase like a car.

93% of consumers do research online before buying a car.

Since General Motors declared bankruptcy, it has had to overcome many challenges and uses Facebook as a tool to help build relationships. GM is promoting their new 2011 Buick Regal by launching a web campaign called “Moment of Truth,” which has generated almost 17,000 fans.

67% of consumers say that recommendations and information from people online influences their purchasing decisions.

GM is encouraging fans to share opinions and stories through its “All-New Regal” tab on the Buick Facebook page. The campaign includes all reviews and consumer opinions—positive or negative.

Activity builds your credibility and creativity sets you apart from your competition. Static FBML and standardized tabs will make your page unique to your brand.

56% of consumers feel a stronger connection with a brand if they are able to interact with the company through social media.

On the “All-New Regal” tab, fans can also view and download photos from the gallery, upload their own “Seen on the Street” photos, participate in a Buick opinion poll and find out Buick event information.

33% of consumers visit blogs, communities or social networks to research products before buying.

GM uses their Facebook page to connect with other social media platforms. They expand their reach by integrating the other mediums into their Facebook page and by directing fans to their nearly 200 links that promote Youtube videos, news articles and other branded content.

45% of consumers say they pass along information they find on social media websites compared to only 36% who pass along information they received from company or news sites.

A Facebook page is a second website or point of entry for your brand but with the added bonus of an online community. To run a successful Facebook campaign just remember activity and creativity!—DANNI WYSOCKI

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