It happened to Pepsi and to Tropicana. Now it’s happening to Gap.

In an attempt to be more “contemporary” and “modern” the all-American retailer spit out a new logo that ended up becoming a complete mockery of the brand. The new logo with Helvetica style lettering and a small, off-centered blue box has sparked quite the uproar and viral effect.

The effect is actually pretty humorous. In less than 24 hours, a parody Twitter account was created tweeting things like, “If you people think I’m part of some sort of sanctioned, planned ‘social media strategy’ I have some PREMIUM 1969 jeans to sell you.” In addition to this, a “Crap Logo Yourself” website also popped up giving you the option to type in any three- to 10-character word and get a “crap logo” which is essentially whatever you type in replacing the word “Gap” in the new logo format.

In response to all of the hate buzz, Gap has clearly decided to change their direction with the logo in an attempt to stop the negativity. Through their social media platforms, they are addressing the issue by asking fans and followers for design ideas to replace the new and old logos.

A company spokesperson said in the next few days, Gap will be sharing the results from the details gathered on “Gap’s crowd-sourcing logo project.”

Good thing Gap is reacting fast to all the user-generated commentary by asking their critics what they want to see.

It’s important to note here that the general public (Gap shoppers or not) was very aggressive in voicing their opinion of the brand image change. Given the response, it’s a smart move on Gap’s part to open it up to those who want to share their vision.

By opening the doors of communication, this national retailer was able to engage their customers and fill the communications “Gap.”—HANA YI