Electronics are an investment, therefore consumers are more loyal to brands when it comes to their gadget purchases. In a recent study by NPD,  some 48% of iPad buyers already own a Macintosh computer, and 38% already own an iPhone. Apple has worked to rebuild their brand loyalty by creating a community after the company missed out on the growth of the PC market during the 1990s.

Apple has made it easier for its customers to access Apple information by bringing it to Facebook. Apple has an entire Facebook page dedicated to apps. The featured tab gives a summary of the most popular apps. It is the same information one with find on  iTunes or on the App Store application on an iPhone, but it’s all in Facebook.

A 2008 American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) study compiled by the University of Michigan’s National Quality Research Centre gave Apple a market leading score of 85—the highest ever recorded for a company in the personal computer industry.

Apple isn’t the only company turning to Facebook to build brand loyalty. Sears took advantage of the tough economy by offering  exclusive deals to its Facebook fans on Black Friday—the biggest shopping day of the year. Sears gave out coupon codes offering fan-only deals on electronics and other products. They promoted a Black Friday VIP Sweepstakes, where Facebook fans could enter to win a $500 gift card and is currently running a sweepstakes to win 500 points or $500,000 to spend at Sears. Sears relies on its Sweepstakes to recruit its more than 160,000 fans.

Research shows that 60% of Facebook fans will recommend a company or product once they “like” the page, how’s that for brand loyalty?—DANNI WYSOCKI

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