Have you ever thought, “I wish I could take something like a ‘runway style virtual tour’ of a store and see what they have right now?” Well, it’s here.

Fashion retailer, French Connection, launched a YouTube boutique also known as the YouTique. It features fashion videos and “click-on annotations” that link directly to the site where users can purchase items from the videos. Here French Connection has taken the most engaging platform of advertising, the viral video, and used it to lead viewers to the place of purchase. This easy-to-watch, easy-to-share, easy-to-shop vehicle will more than likely entice their target audience: fashion savvy shoppers.

The YouTique showcases items currently in stores and even categorizes ensembles by event. By doing this French Connection brings the store and the runway to your home, puts fashion in motion and sets the bar for YouTube shopping.

Who will be the second to use YouTube as a gateway to purchases and bring their brand to life?—HANA YI