Remember last week when I was complaining about Twitter not including real-time analytics with its new roll out? Well, I must eat my words:

ReadWriteWeb confirmed that Twitter will be rolling out new real times analytics with a beta launch in Q4.

I am an analytics/data nerd, and I am ridiculously stoked. Apparently the folks at Twitter acquired analytics startup Trendly and will be absorbing it into the Twitter functionality. According to ReadWriteWeb:

“The product will leverage algorithms similar to the Twitter Resonance concept,” Justin Kistner writes on the WebTrends blog, “in order to show users which tweets are spreading, who is influential in their network, and more. The emphasis is on real time in order to help users make adjustments on the fly to their tactics.”

This is great, and I really hope they will expand the offering to include Twitter integration/retweeting from websites and blogs as a metric as well.

This is awesome and big and a wonderful complement to the data that Facebook provides through insights. Good job, @ev and the gang.—KEIDRA D. CHANEY