When cookie sales and membership started slipping, the organization started looking for new ways to spread their message and drive cookie sales. That’s when social and viral marketing became the next step in their business strategy.

In the YouTube video, “What can a cookie do?” they highlight their organization’s influence as something that is “not on Wall Street, but on your street,” humanizing and placing it right in the viewer’s home. This video simply delivers an emotionally appealing message while putting purpose behind buying cookies.

Tradition says:
Cookie sales bring in approximately $700 million a year

Chief marketing officer of the Girl Scouts of the USA says:
Let’s look at (almost) every non-traditional way to keep that going

Drive cookie sales by getting viewers to understand how the girls use the funds to help their communities, set goals, acquire business skills and build self confidence. The main message: “Every Cookie Has a Mission: To Help Girls Do Great Things.”

24,000 hits in the first 20 days of its launch and about 53,000 to date

Every cookie has a mission, and so does your business or brand.

Someone hand me a thin mint.—HANA YI