Oh yes it is.

Instead of rummaging through MTV’s garbage chute of reality TV shows, users can watch a hot music video whenever they want. Most of them are longer than usual viral videos but since music videos have songs, it’s most likely you won’t click off. Great music videos from pop artists are very easy to share so they rank high on the viral video charts.

According to Unruly Media’s Viral Video Chart the current number #1 video is Eminem’s Love the Way you Lie.

1,743,144 shares on Facebook and the nearly 20,000 tweets on Twitter speak for themselves. In fact 12 of the 20 top videos are from recording artists with many of them selling advertising on their YouTube pages. What’s more, a great music video always stays in rotation.

Do you want to grab Ludacris’ Get back video to pump yourself up for an argument?

Here you go.

Do you want to go back to 1993 and see Tag Team’s video?

Whoomp here It Is

Search for a music video on Youtube and you’ll be able to find it (as well as scores of crappy duplicates). The music video is making a comeback and will be more popular than ever before – thanks to social media—PEDRO CASTRO