New trend remixes authentic content and turns them into viral hits, money makers

A local news station’s coverage of an attempted rape was discovered and re-purposed into a song so popular that it has more than 21 million hits and is currently number 77 on iTunes Top 100 list garnering $1.29 a download.

The initial interview details the alleged attack but it is the animated sound bytes and the way they’re edited that are priceless enough (although perhaps irreverent) to draw nation-wide attention.

Another popular example is the Double Rainbow phenomenon. What starts out as a hiker’s orgasmic excitement as he captures a double rainbow on video turns into a viral clip that captures more than 15 million hits. Whether viewers watch in jest or respect, double rainbow guy, Paul Vasquez, is laughing all the way to the bank as Microsoft tapped him to be the face of their Windows Live advertising campaign.

So smart. So smart. So smart….