Yesterday, at a long and snore-inducing press conference, the folks at Twitter made a huge announcement: the micro-blogging service will be changing its user interface dramatically for the first time since its launch in 2006, with a very Mac-esque video to kick it off.

What can you expect? If you are a fan of the multiple panel interface that is the standard of third-party applications like Hootsuite and Seesmic, you’re in luck! NuTwitter will boast two panels for its content: the left side will feature tweets and other actions, the right side will feature follower information, much in the format of your favorite third party apps.

The other major new feature of NewTwitter will include Facebook-like embedded multimedia, so TwitPics and YouTube videos will be playable on user’s streams.

What will this mean for businesses that market on Twitter? For one thing, the new interface will render customizable twitter backgrounds obsolete so that cottage industry is now a bust (however, considering the number of twitter users that use third party apps exclusively, perhaps this isn’t a huge loss). On the other hand, brands that utilize multimedia content now have a new channel that is friendlier to their products. Expect more innovations with viral video and Twitter in the coming months. (Imagine how embedded video would have impacted the Old Spice viral video campaign!)

As a data geek, I was really hoping for an announcement on Twitter analytics yesterday. The field is saturated with Twitter measurement tools but Twitter staking a claim with a Facebook Insights-like tool (and maybe provide an API!) would have been a real game changer, in my opinion. I still hope this is a plan for the future; an announcement like this would be worth hearing Evan Williams drone on for a half hour or two.

What do you think of the new Twitter?