It’s clear. People love the digital space.

500 million Facebook users are building their social identities and connecting with others. 145 million Twitter users are sharing thoughts, links and information.

3 million people are “checking in” on Foursquare and 200 million clicked links direct people to YouTube every day. If all of your (potential) customers are there, shouldn’t you be?

What are people looking for?
People don’t just search these social networking sites for people; they also look for you—the organizations, products and brands. Why? They are looking for coupons, exclusive discounts or chances to win, but they are also interested in what other people are saying and what you are saying back.

Why do you want to start the conversation?
Using these communication vehicles, you can build relationships with these friends, fans and followers and potentially make them your newest customers. What’s great about giving them something fun and exciting to talk about is that they will do just that—talk about it with their friends and networks, and that’s what we want.

How do you know if you caused a social effect?
We all want results, numbers and measurements of traffic. Well, by using these platforms, you can get as specific as you want, providing offers and prizes for “fanning” a page, “re-tweeting” a phrase, checking in at a store location and more. From here it becomes as simple as monitoring the buzz. We call this ROE, return on engagement.

Another way to share digitally
Ways in which your consumers are using digital to simplify, advance and connect are multiplying every day—especially since mobile is becoming the primary way people communicate and share via social media. Mobile applications have become the new way to “pimp-your-phone” so to speak. One example of this is SWAGG, a new brand savvy mobile application, which allows you to eliminate all the plastic (gift cards) from your wallet and create personal digital gifts to send to your friends. Talk about fresh, fun and easy. You might even agree with them when they say, “Your wallet is full. Of crap.”

Let’s give them something to talk about. Let’s also talk about it with them.