Google unveiled its latest development in search today. Google Instant Search predicts your search query and gives you results as you type – that is, unless you are searching for something unseemly – yes we checked.

What will this mean for search engine optimization and marketing? Our social media consultants weigh in:

Pedro Castro

Google just changed the game again with their instant search. This will impact how clients will want to find ways to optimize their website through predicted search. Google’s Sergey Brin has gone on record to say that the impact on SEO remains the same.

However, I’m wondering now if the strategy will change to where companies will want to include partial keywords into their SEO strategy. Maybe including the keywords flow along with flowers and pet (or even pe) along with petsmart will be popping up on websites and results in the next couple of months. Also, impressions will now be counted if the user presses enter on a search term, clicks on a result or (wait for it) stops typing for three or more seconds.

Give it a spin right now and see what you find. The Big G has done it again.

Keidra Chaney

I think this kind of predictive search will be interesting on an SEO/SEM level as the search experience becomes even more customized to the user and oriented towards real time; even though the folks at Google originally maintained that instant search won’t affect SEO, later in the day they relented by saying “expect traffic fluctuations around organic keywords. No algorithm can nail down the vagaries of human behavior, so  there will bound to be developments that will require SEO/SEM marketers to think out of the box.