Many businesses (in fact many people) have no idea what Search Engine Optimization is.

So here is my explanation what it is:

Google (or if you prefer Yahoo!, Bing! and ::sigh:: AOL) is the new phone book. It’s where users go to find businesses. Instead of flipping through a heavy-crinkly brick of pages to find a phone number,  you can actually search and pick out companies by putting in a couple of keywords. To get your business listed on Google you need a website. The goal for most companies is to get their website on the first page of results.

To accomplish this requires a deft strategy that constantly evolves. Google’s system in ranking pages is top secret and constantly changes. However there are practices that do greatly affect page rank.

This includes:

  • Using keywords that are appropriate for your industry (this can include products, services and brand names)
  • Good, focused writing (I can’t this stress enough. Don’t simply stuff keywords on the copy)
  • Having all of your pages link to each other (having a nav bar isn’t enough)
  • Getting other websites to link to your website
  • Letting people know you have a website!

Of course there’s alot more that goes into SEO than just good keyword copy. If you’re ready to rumble on the digital landscape drop a line to your friendly neighborhood social media consultant.