When was the last time someone forwarded you a funny image, video or blog post? Why did it catch your eye?

What makes stuff viral?

It’s the content, stupid!

When it comes to marketing your content for your social media campaign – one thing is crystal clear. If the content isn’t amazing (not just good, cute or nice) then the best campaigning in the world won’t achieve the white hot buzz you want.

Our attention span has shrunk to the point where only the craziest links on the web will prosper. But once a piece of amazing content hits the right swath of influencers and if they like it – they will tell all of their followers about it.

How does your business take advantage of this new landscape? I hate to break to you. It’s hard. The fine line between love and hate is incredibly short with the average Internet user. If you just simply put a commercial on the net, you’ll be lucky to break 100 views.

So here are the three things in common that most popular internet videos have are

Feigned Authenticity
Does it look real? Does it have the feeling that an amazing moment was captured? People want to see it.

Really Funny Comedy
Is it so funny that you laugh out loud and have no problem sharing it with others. That’s what people want to see.

Is it 90 seconds or less? You’re golden.

Of course the hardest part is actually making a video that accomplishes all of those points. But if you do have a video you believe in that will rock peoples socks off, the campaigning is almost done for you…almost.