Blogs are increasingly more important in creating and maintaining a company’s brand. They allow businesses to better relate to their customers, control their message and stay competitive.

While blogs present a lot of opportunity, people are more likely to read your posts on Facebook than they will your company website. However, you can use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog to further engage with your customers.

Below are 5 Facebook Apps  to improve your company blog:

1.      Blog RSS Feed Reader is like a mini-blog giving tidbits of your posts. Think of the app as a sneak peek of your blog, which entices Fans to read more. All Blog RSS Feed Readers can be customized to look like your actual site.

2.      Facebook Notes are an easier version of the Blog RSS Feed Reader. Notes can be set up to pull your RSS feed from your blog and create a new Note. Without any glitz or glam, Notes are straightforward and show all of the content from your latest blog post. When a new Note it posted, Facebook will notify all of your Fans on their News Feeds.
3.      Flash Player allows bloggers to post videos on their Facebook page. Whether it be Youtube, Google Videos or Vimwo, Flash Player makes it easy to share videos with your Fans. Multimedia blog posts stand out and attract new readership.

4.      Blog It is for the blogger on the go. The app allows businesses to update their blog and Facebook simultaneously. Though only used by a few thousand on Facebook, Blog It prides itself on being easy to use.

5.      Static FBML should be used by all company Facebook pages even those without blogs. Developed by Facebook, Static FBML let’s businesses customize their page, perfect for attracting Fans into reading your blog.Remember anyone can make a Facebook page for their business, but not everyone can do it well!